ControlFire cartridge and and switch renderings

ControlFire® System

Titan’s ControlFire® switch system is the latest in perforating switch technology that utilizes unique switch identification logic to selectively perforate multiple intervals in a single trip.

Product summary

Next generation ControlFire® Recon technology also allows for the detection of the detonator at surface with the VeriFire Panel and downhole with ControlFire Software,

ControlFire® Systems

Hunting’s ControlFire system is the industry standard in safe, efficient and reliable addressable switch technology. ControlFire has evolved in both product offering and functionality to provide the leading select-fire platform for wireline applications. Recent additions include advanced switch and cartridge technology, upgraded software, faster communication protocols and an addressable power charge.

ControlFire® Recon Switch

The advanced V2.0 ControlFire Recon Switch enables safe, reliable, and confident perforating operations. This wired expendable switch option provides the user with unparalleled insight into the downhole tool string to prevent misruns and mitigate lost time during troubleshooting.

ControlFire® Recon Cartridge

The ControlFire Recon Cartridge is the latest and most advanced detonator offering from Hunting. The compact select-fire initiation device features the v3.0 ControlFire Recon Switch pre-assembled to Hunting’s proprietary Recon Detonator. The combination of these technologies provides unmatched safety and real-time performance status from surface to detonator during perforating operations.


  • Selective perforating

  • Single trip plug and shoot

  • Horizontal pump down operations

  • Tractor perforating operations


  • Increased safety, reliability and efficiency compared to conventional mechanical switches

  • Expendable wired switch options can be integrated into industry hardware

  • Plug-n-Play Cartridge technology utilized in Hunting’s modular Perforating Systems, release tool, setting tools and top fire systems.

  • Addressable technology delivers real time shot verification and skip over capabilities

  • Low power communication protocol allows 100+ guns per run

  • ControlFire Shooting Power Supply (SPS) eliminates the need for additional surface panel- VeriFire Switch Tester provides safe interrogation of armed gun at surface while the SPS panel provides switch check anytime downhole.

  • New ControlFire® Recon™️ product offerings feature detonator and power charge detection

  • API RP 67 Group II compliant options available: safe from radio frequency, stray voltage, and electrostatic discharge at the well site

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