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Products & services

We are a world-leading manufacturer and technology provider for the energy, aerospace, medical and power generation industries globally.

How we work

  • Develop our people

    People are at the heart of our business. Our broad product portfolio demands experienced machining and production engineers across our manufacturing disciplines and facilities. Our administration, finance and sales staff are also encouraged to develop their skills through training and professional development programmes.

  • Empower our business units

    The oil and gas industry is a fast-paced sector where product requirements and customer demands can operate on short lead-times. Our business leaders are empowered to react quickly to local market conditions and opportunities when they arise.

  • Apply unified operating standards & procedures

    Demanding Health, Safety and Quality Assurance policies are developed centrally and then applied locally. We continually monitor and raise our operating standards.

  • Maintain a strong governance framework

    Hunting’s senior managers and their teams operate within a tight framework with short chains of command to the Chief Executive.

  • We have skilled manufacturers

    The training and development of our employees helps us deliver for our customers. We operate complex machinery, supported by rigorous Health and Safety and Quality Assurance protocols which supports our service and products offering.

  • We develop proprietary technology

    Developing our own proprietary technologies has been a strategic objective for Hunting. Through the development of our proprietary know-how, we are well positioned to secure market share by utilising our intellectual property.

  • We strategically source critical materials

    Hunting has a strategy of ensuring that critical materials are not sourced from a single supplier which provides assurance to our customers that we will always be in a position to deliver. Long lead-time material supplies are regularly reviewed to ensure market pricing remains competitive. Hunting’s strategic sourcing includes working with a wide range of suppliers with a regular two-way dialogue on quality expectations.

  • We look after our people

    Hunting has a strong reputation for being a responsible employer, which is reflected in the average tenure and voluntary workforce turnover rate. This demonstrates Hunting’s commitment to its employees and its drive to nurture a mutually beneficial relationship between the Company and its employees.

Sales & support

We are dedicated to excellence and committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us for all sales, support and general queries.

Industries we serve

We provide manufacturing capabilities across multiple industries following a world class quality system which complies with all applicable industry standards.

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We at Hunting work and live in as good corporate citizens through managing Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) issues as a top priority. Our goals are no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment.