Two Hunting employees in boiler suits tend machinery


Located in 11 countries across four continents, we manufacture components, technology systems and precision parts globally.

What we do

Our strong focus on quality assured products, supported by rigorous health and safety procedures, ensures we assist in the delivery of energy safely and it is also the basis of our standing in this critical, global industry.

Our intellectual property portfolio enables the Hunting Group to maintain a leading technology edge, so that energy projects are delivered quicker and at lower cost with minimal impact on the environment.

Our people are our most important asset. They assist in delivering for all our stakeholders and we train and develop our workforce to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship is nurtured throughout our organisation.

Hunting’s expertise is also applicable to other industries including aviation, medical, power generation and space – sectors which value our strategic priorities – and this is a strategic priority to grow these markets over the coming years.

Wide angle shot inside a pipe construction facility

Our strategy

Hunting’s strategy is to be a key global provider of components and tools to companies who explore, develop and produce oil & gas resources and those primary service companies who support them. The Hunting Group seeks to deliver growth by:

  • Developing leading proprietary products and services

  • Acquiring complementary business

  • Capturing product sales synergies

  • Developing a global presence

  • Building closer relationships with customers and suppliers

  • Leveraging the Hunting brand globally

  • Seeking high market share for high value products

Headshot of Sir Charles Samuel Hunting

History of Hunting

Change is our travelling companion. Since 1874 we have demonstrated endless resilience and willingness to embrace new industrial and societal contexts.

Hunting board room with empty chairs

Our leadership

We nurture and reward new product development and encourage innovative solutions through a flat management structure and short reporting chain.

Inside a industrial facility

Our locations

Located in 11 countries across four continents, our people manufacture critical components, high technology systems and precision parts for international oil and gas and energy service groups.