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Wireline Selective Firing Systems

Titan offers the complete solution to all of your wireline selective perforating operations.

Our technology

Titan offers the complete solution to all of your wireline select-fire perforating operations

Titan’s ControlFire® switch system is the latest in perforating switch technology that utilizes unique switch identification logic to selectively perforate multiple intervals in a single trip. The RF-Safe ControlFire System employs conventional detonators integrated with the ControlFire switch eliminating unintentional initiation of explosives caused by extraneous electricity. This technology provides an affordable RF-safe option without compromising safety.

EBFire® switches are designed to allow multiple, independently fired, perforating guns in a single trip. They are disposable and polarity discriminating which allows sequential firing control. Two main types of switches are available depending on the nature of perforating operations being conducted. They are the pressure switch and dual diode switch.

ControlFire Software

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