ControlFire® Software V9.4 (Standard Panels)

ControlFire Software V9.4

ControlFire® Software

ControlFire Software V9.4

The ControlFire® Software is the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system for all ControlFire Panels released prior to the ControlFire Perf+ Panel. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.

Installation Instructions

  • Uninstall any previous version of the ControlFire Software. If you have ControlFire v. 9.3 installed, there's no need to perform this step. The new installer will automatically uninstall ControlFire v. 9.3 for you.
  • Download the latest Setup file and install ControlFire v. 9.4.
  • Double-click the file "C:\TitanData\CDM21228_Setup.exe" to install the driver that is needed to communicate with the panel. Perform this step only if you're installing ControlFire for the first time. If you're updating ControlFire and the driver is already installed, you can skip this step.

Release Updates

  • The software now issues a second Switch Check automatically if the first Switch Check detects a misfired gun or mismatching IDs. During the second Switch Check, the W/L PS settings are temporarily set to 45 V and 75 mA, and the delta currents are extended to 180 mA. If the second Switch Check succeeds, a dialog box will appear with two options for the user to choose from. The first option is to keep the current Communication voltage but lower the Gun Check Current Limit to a recommended value. This option is only available if the second Switch Check detects an over-current. The second option is to change the Communication voltage to 45 V and the Gun Check Current Limit to 75 mA. In both options, the delta currents are extended to 180 mA. The dialog box with the options will not be displayed if the user has previously updated the W/L PS settings, and there are no better options for the software to recommend.
  • A warning label has been added to the Create and Verify Tool String dialogs. The label is only visible to alert the user if the W/L PS settings or the delta currents are different from the default values.
  • The W/L Power Supply Settings dialog has been modified so that clicking the Defaults button restores not only the Communication voltage and the current limits but also the delta currents.
  • The software now checks the actual voltage of the Communication PS when it's powered up at the start of an operation. An error will be shown if the actual voltage is significantly lower than the requested voltage.

Previous ControlFire® Software Versions

Previous ControlFire Software versions should only be used when recommended by technical support or if installation of later versions has failed.

ControlFire® Demo Software

The ControlFire® Demo Software is a training tool and it showcases the core features of the ControlFire Software. No hardware (besides a PC) is required to run the software such as a PCCP, a Hunting SPS and switches.

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