ControlFire+ Software

ControlFire+ Software is the perforating and data acquisition software for the Perf+ Panel.

ControlFire+ Software

The ControlFire+ Software is the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system for the ControlFire Perf+ Panels. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.


  • Perforating tool string interface compatible with ControlFire Perf+ Panel
  • User friendly perforating log GUI independent of ControlFire software
  • Compatible with existing depth encoders and line speed/tension systems
  • Actual shot depth automatically logged in real time
  • No annual software licenses

To install the software, follow these steps:

1) Download the software from this page.

2) Unzip the software package.

3) Follow the directions on the document titled "READ ME". Note the changes to the software in the "Release Notes" document.

Firmware Update VX.119

Download and unzip. Double-click each file to install.