ControlFire Perf+

ControlFire® Perf+ Panel

The ControlFire® Perf+ Panel from Hunting Titan simplifies and automates your perforating operations.

Product summary

The ControlFire® Perf+ Panel from Hunting Titan conveniently integrates multiple surface systems into a single, compact package to simplify and automate your perforating operations.

ControlFire® Perf+ Control Panel

Perf+ combines the shooting power supply, ControlFire surface panel and perforating data acquisition into a single 3.5” rack mount panel, significantly reducing the cost and footprint of perforating hardware in the wireline unit. Moreover, the Perf+ system features a software driven shooting power supply which provides automation capabilities during ControlFire operations to eliminate human error and expedite the perforating process.

The Perf+ panel is compatible with both conventional pressure switches and ControlFire addressable switches and allows for either roll-up or push-button firing. Perforating “on the fly” is faster and easier than ever with the upgraded switch communication protocol and automatic firing mode. The ControlFire Perf+ Panel is compatible with existing acquisition systems, satisfies the recommendations set forth in API RP-67 and is currently undergoing CE certification.

Perf+ Logger Software

The Perf+ Logger Software from Hunting Titan provides the user with a modern and practical tool string interface for basic perforating data acquisition when utilizing the ControlFire Perf + Panel.

The Perf+ Logger Software and Perf+ Panel seamlessly interface with existing depth encoders and line speed/tension systems to generate a user-friendly log record with depth, line speed, surface line tension, CCL and V/I channels. This integrated system eliminates the need for outdated and expensive cased hole logging systems which are independent of the shooting power supply and complicate perforating operations. By incorporating the shooting panel and data processing into a single unit, the Perf+ software can automatically plot shot indications on the perforating log, providing real time perforation depth records required for simultaneous well data analytics.

Additionally, the latest ControlFire+ software is specifically designed to provide optimal window sizing options for viewing both the switch controls and log on the same monitor. The Perf+ Logger Software is compatible with 64bit Windows 7 operating systems or later.


  • Combines shooting panel, ControlFire panel and data acquisition

  • Software controlled shooting power supply

  • Upgraded ControlFire communication protocols

  • Onboard CCL, Depth, line speed and line tension interfaces

  • 3 Firing Modes, including automated firing at depth


  • Reduces perforating hardware in WL unit

  • Eliminates switch damage caused by manual over-current output

  • 50% faster switch communication and reduced USB dropouts

  • Acquires and processes depth, line speed, line tension, CCL and V/I data

  • Automated firing capabilities reduce human error

ControlFire+ Software

Download the latest version of our or learn more about ControlFire+ Software here.

The ControlFire+ Software is our perforating and data acquisition software and the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system for the ControlFire Perf+ Panels.

Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.

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