Rendering of two knuckle joints

Knuckle Joints

Radically reduces wear and tear ensuring longer life components

Product summary

Titan knuckle joints use nickel coated ball joints to increase the flexibility of wireline toolstrings by 10°.

This reduces the effective rigid length allowing easier passage through dog leg sections of deviated wells. When combined in tandem, they not only allow more toolstring flexibility, but decouple centered and eccentered tools. This ensures high quality data in highly deviated and horizontal wells. Unique electrical contacts at the ball joint guarantee undisrupted power transmission at any angle of bend and hydrostatic pressure.


  • Production logging

  • Remedial cased hole support


  • NEDOX® coated ball joints radically reduces wear and tear

  • Knuckle shaft tapered to increase bending strength

  • Can be combined in tandem


  • Longer life components reduce running costs

  • Allows combination of centered and eccentered logging tools

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