Long metal tube with various diameters

Compensated Swivel

Hunting Titan’s Compensated Swivel ensures line torque relief and continuous downhole communication.

Product summary

An internal analysis showed that the Hunting compensated swivel can be used with 30’ of guns up to 3-3/8” diameter.

When running wireline logging or perforating tools down hole, the oil-filled and pressure compensated Hunting swivel provides relief for line torque by allowing free rotation while providing continuous communication to the tool string. A pressure balancing piston ensures that bore hole pressure will not inhibit free rotation and internal bearings allow for rotation in tension or compression scenarios, even with side loading.


  • Pressure compensated

  • Electrical feed through connection

  • Rated for perforating applications


  • Provides relief of built-up line torque

  • Multiple logging/perforating tool interface

  • Withstands vertical and lateral force

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