Cyclone wellhead desander rendering

Cyclonic Wellhead Desander

Highly efficient desander for separation at high flow-rates with minimal pressure drop

Product summary

Cyclonic Wellhead Desanders have a high efficiency of separation at high flow-rates with a minimal pressure drop and can handle both a wider range of particle sizes and larger volumes of solids when compared to sand filters.

The cyclonic separator element is engineered from a highly wear-resistant alloy, is designed to be the only component potentially exposed to erosion and is simple to replace during operations if required.

image of a web application for calculating optimum efficiency

Efficiency calculator

A web based software tool designed to aid our customers in selecting the most appropriate wellhead desanding method for their well test application.

The tool is based on published correlations and has been verified against both a CFD simulation of the Hunting cyclone and 3rd party flow loop tests.

The efficiency calculator allows our customers to run multiple scenarios varying inputs such as oil and gas flow rates, fluid properties and sand properties in order to evaluate their impact on solids separation performance.