Dimple-On Connector

Dimple-On Connector

The Dimple-On Connector is a one-piece design providing a robust, cost effective means of attaching a BHA to the coil.

Product summary

The one-piece design incorporates two O-ring grooves providing added security in high-pressure applications. The Dimple-On Connector has superior mechanical strength comparable with tubing with the dimple design enabling torque-through capability.

Although the connectors are supplied with standard through-tubing tool joints, they can also be cut to suit customer requirements. The connector is reusable and furnished with standard O-rings making it extremely easy to redress in the field.

The Dimple-On Connector is available for any combination of coil tubing and thread size.


  • Robust and cost effective means of attaching a BHA to the coil

  • Available in sizes 1-1/4 inches to 2-7/8 inches

  • One-piece design

  • Provides superior mechanical strength

  • Available with standard through-tubing tool joints or specially cut to customer requirements

  • Any combination of coil tubing and thread size


  • Two O-ring grooves provide added security in high-pressure applications

  • Dimple design provides torque-through capabilities

  • Reusable connectors furnished with standard O-rings simplifying field redress