Wireline Knuckle Joint rendering

Wireline Knuckle Joint

Provides flexibility within the tool string - one or more Knuckle Joints can be placed into the tool string

Product summary

The Knuckle Joint is designed to provide flexibility within the tool string. One or more Knuckle Joints can be placed into the tool string at the operator’s discretion, to meet operational requirements.

The Knuckle Joints robust design allows the tool to be placed below the jars and provide angular movement between the tool string and the running or pulling tool. This is especially advantageous during side pocket orientation with Kick Over tools and in fishing operations.

Knuckle Joints are available in all common industry tool string sizes and are manufactured with either sucker rod or integral quick connections as per customer requirements


  • Fish neck on upper and lower joint components.

  • 10 degrees of deflection from the center


  • Allows the tool to be fished with conventional pulling tools matched to the fish neck size.

  • Added flexibility to long tool strings.

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