Wireline Crossovers and Lifting Sub rendering

Wireline Crossovers & Lifting Subs

Allows tools with different connection types to be run in the same tool string

Product summary

Hunting offers a wide range of Wireline Crossovers and Lifting Subs allowing tools with different connection types to be run in the same tool string.

This allows for greater use of existing tools in inventory and reduces costs to maintain duplicate tool strings with different connections.

Hunting Crossovers include most industry connection types and sizes as well as specialty connections including Slickline and E-Line connections.

Hunting Lifting Subs include QLS and Sucker Rod type and all are certified. Specialty Lift Subs can be available upon request.

Crossovers can be made up from the following connections with others available upon request: Sucker Rod, QLS, HQC (Halliburton) connections Amerada connections Drain rod connections 1” GO Connection (13/16”-16) 1 3/16”-12 Thread (GO ‘A’) 1 5/8”-6 Thread (GO ‘B’) Schlumberger and Baker E-Line and Slickline Certified QLS and Sucker Rod Lift Subs


  • Slickline to E-Line for most applications

  • List Subs are certified


  • Reduced inventory of tools

  • Flexibility to adapt tool to tool

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