Tubing End Locator rendering

Tubing End Locator

Locates the end of the production tubing, allowing the total depth to be measured

Product summary

The Hunting Tubing End Locator is designed to locate the end of the production tubing, allowing the total depth to be measured.

A tubing end locator consists of a solid body with a milled pocket to accommodate the latch finger. The latch finger is spring loaded and retained by a latch pin. A shear pin is installed below the latch finger, which retains the finger at 90 degrees.

Once the tubing end locator has exited the production tubing into the casing, the spring-loaded latch finger falls down on to the shear pin. When retrieving the tool string, the latch finger prevents entry into the production tubing. At this point the depth is recorded. After shearing the pin, the latch finger falls back into the pocket and the tool string is retrieved.

Hunting Tubing End Locators are available to suit a variety of tubing sizes and are supplied with customer specified upper and lower connections.


  • Easy to use and redress

  • Sizes for most applications


  • Easily locate the tubing bottom

  • Allows adding tools below

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