Sample Bailer rendering

Sample Bailers

Acquires samples of debris causing an obstruction in the well for analysis

Product summary

Hunting Slickline Sample/Drive Down Bailers are designed to acquire samples of debris causing an obstruction in the well for analysis.

The sample bailer consists of a bailer tube, top sub and bottom shoe. The ball or flapper opens when the bailer enters the debris and then closes as it exits, trapping the debris inside.

Various shoe sizes and types are available. When ordering, please specify type and size of bottom shoe.

Bailer Shoes Hunting Sand/Pump Bailers are available with the following types of bottom shoe sized to suit operational requirements:

• Ball Shoe • Flapper Shoe

Hunting Sample/Drive Down Bailers are available in all common industry toolstring sizes and are manufactured with either sucker rod or integral quick connections per customer requirements


  • Available with a flapper trap.

  • Bailer tubes are ported.


  • Allows larger sized debris to enter the sample chamber.

  • The angle bottom sub acts as a chisel breaking up compacted debris.

  • Prevents trapped pressure at surface.