ControlFire Software

ControlFire On the Fly® Software

ControlFire® Software

ControlFire On the Fly® Software

The ControlFire® Software is the user interface when implementing the ControlFire switch system. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater.

Release Updates

Added support for V3a switches. A V3a switch is used as a gun. During a Switch Check, it returns the deto status like a regular V3 switch.

  • Updated the Delta Current Settings dialog to include the option to extend all the delta currents to 180 mA.
  • Updated the instructions and the shooting current range that are shown on the V/I plot when setting a PowerSet Solo or Recon plug. The default range is now: 1 - 1.2 amps.
  • Within the Gun Control screen, the deto status of the bottom switch is always checked even when Speed Check is enabled.
  • Improved the way that the depths, offsets, tool types and firing durations are modified in the Create and Verify Tool String dialogs. Now selecting a cell requires a single click. Additionally, instructions are interactively shown as the tool type and the firing duration are modified.
  • Dropped support for Windows XP. ControlFire requires Windows 7 SP 1 or greater and .NET Framework 4.6.1 or greater.

Software Requirements

Requires Microsoft Windows XP/7 or greater

The ControlFire® software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or greater to install correctly

If, while installing the ControlFire Software, you get a message stating that you do not have the correct version of .NET Framework, click here to download and install .NET Framework 4.8.

Note: The “Shooting Power Supply Software” and “Titan Bootloader Software” are now embedded within the ControlFire® Software.

Previous ControlFire® Software Versions

Previous ControlFire Software versions should only be used when recommended by technical support or if installation of later versions has failed.

ControlFire® Demo Software

The ControlFire® Demo Software is a training tool and it showcases the core features of the ControlFire Software. No hardware (besides a PC) is required to run the software such as a PCCP, a Hunting SPS and switches.

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