H-4 Oriented Perforating System

The H-4 Perforating System is: - Self-Orienting - Plug-and-play - Automated ControlFire® Recon Technology

Product summary

The H-4 Perforating System is Hunting’s plug-and-play, self-orienting perforating gun which integrates ControlFire® Recon switch technology directly into the charge tube assembly.

H-4 eliminates costly eccentric weight bars and lock collars needed for conventional gravity-driven orientation. The patented H-4 tandem subs allow automatic rotation of the charge tube assembly for industry leading perforating accuracy.

The integrated ControlFire Recon switch allows automated firing at depth and for the detonator of the perforating gun to be checked downhole with ControlFire Software.

In addition to advanced switch technology, the H-4 Perforating System utilizes Hunting’s patented modular detonator to eliminate all wiring in the field. The RF Safe system is fully assembled at Hunting’s manufacturing center to ensure the highest quality and reliability.


  • Self-orienting, plug and play perforating system

  • V3.0 ControlFire Recon Switch embedded in charge tube

  • Fully disposable, pre-wired, and pre-assembled guns

  • Compatible with industry standard shaped charges

  • Armed with Hunting’s patent pending modular detonator

  • Available in a pre-loaded and delivered offering


  • Eliminates costly eccentric weights and lock collars

  • Orientation accuracy

  • Allows automated firing at depth and detonator resistance check downhole using ControlFire Software

  • Eliminates wiring during gun assembly and arming

  • Pairs with PowerSet Recon - the first and only addressable power charge for complete tool string integration

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