TEC-LOCK Wedge section


Providing premium performance at a semi-premium price.

Product summary

TEC-LOCK™ Wedge provides premium performance at a semi-premium price.

When combined with SealLube™ thread sealant, TEC-LOCK™ Wedge provides gas sealability on a product without a metal-to-metal seal,offering a cost-competitive alternative to premium connections.


  • Currently available in sizes ranging from 4.5 in. to 9.625 in.

  • Semi-flush OD

  • Wedge-style thread form

  • Optimum run-out thread design for maximum axial efficiencies


  • Expanded box OD, smaller than coupling, provides less drag during installationExtreme high torque capability

  • Undercut load and stab flanks ensure outstanding performance under extreme combined loads

  • Compression efficiency 100%

  • Tested for combined load, torque and fatigue