Connection Technology & OCTG

We design, and manufacture premium connection technologies and sell OCTG from the world’s leading manufacturers to the energy and geothermal markets.

Detail of a threaded tube

Connection Technology

We are a world leader in developing premium connection solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the world’s oil and gas industry.

By developing solutions to cover a comprehensive range of the most severe applications and environments, Hunting is comfortably positioned as a leading manufacturer throughout the industry.

Our expertise is further enhanced by a leading-edge engineering team and an unsurpassed attention to design, quality, and service.

OCTG pipes in a pipeyard


Hunting has the technology, resources, established mill relationships and experience to supply all tubular needs on time, anywhere in the world.

Throughout the OCTG supply chain, by combining the provision of tubulars, threaded accessories and connection threading, Hunting can provide cost effective solutions for any OCTG requirement or well programme.

Sales & support

We are dedicated to excellence and committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us for all sales, support and general queries.

Values & benefits

Hunting has an established global network of operating sites and distribution centres located close to our customers. This means we can react quickly to customer needs and can operate on short lead times.

  • Quality assured

    Our reliable products are quality-assured to the highest industry standards and which offer improved cost efficiencies.

  • Cost efficient

    Provide high technology products that lower the cost of operation, resolve technical problems, or simply enable a job to be completed more quickly or safely, without compromising on quality.

  • Trusted & reliable

    At the heart of Hunting’s long-term strategy and success is a reputation based on trust and reliability. Hunting’s products are designed to operate in a safe and reliable way, to ensure our customers meet their strategic objectives, while protecting people and the environment.

  • Experienced

    Our experience and expertise along with our wide depth of products and global network means we are able to react quickly to customer needs.

  • Success

    Our whole approach helps reduce costs and ultimately allows our customers to experience successful business operations.

  • Highly trained

    Our employees are highly trained to ensure our operations are safe and deliver total customer satisfaction.

  • Customer service

    High level of excellent customer service

Industries we serve

We provide manufacturing capabilities across multiple industries following a world class quality system which complies with all applicable industry standards.

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