TEC-LOCK FJ section


TEC-LOCK™ FJ provides premium performance at a semi-premium price.

Product summary

TEC-LOCK™ FJ is a semi-premium connection designed for onshore unconventional wells.

Designed and tested for liner applications in accordance with API API RP 5C:2017. TEC-LOCK FJ's sealing capacity was evaluated with API 5A3 compliant thread compound under gas and water pressure to simulate load conditions in unconventional wells


  • Available in casing and tubing sizes

  • Flush OD for optimum clearance

  • Flush ID bore

  • Internal and external torque shoulders for increased torsional performance

  • Tubing/casing sizes: 2.875 in. to 7.625 in.


  • High tensile and compressive performance

  • Economical flush joint connection

  • Maximum clearance for slim hole applications

  • Low interference thread form

  • Combined load tested with gas and water for sealability