Composite Thread Protectors

Industry-renowned protectors for API and premium threadforms which can be combined with Hunting PRESERV-A-THREAD™.

Product summary

Hunting Composite manufactures industry-renowned protectors for API and premium threadforms and can be combined with Hunting PRESERV-A-THREAD™.

Hunting Thread Protectors meet or exceed all requirements for corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, vibration resistance, thread stripping and angular or axial impacts established by major manufacturers and users of oil country tubing and casing. Hunting Thread Protectors are available for API and premium thread forms.

Hunting Thread Protectors are manufactured under strict quality control standards of high density polyethylene with threads that extend from the pipe face to the thread run-out.

The polyethylene material used in Hunting Thread Protectors is chemically inert and cannot cause corrosion, will not cause galling and cannot damage the thread coating.

Hunting Thread Protectors are also available in a Closed End Arctic design with fully sealed ends for arctic and offshore applications.


  • Available for API and premium thread forms


  • Closed end hook liftable composite design or a non composite polyethylene design

  • Steel shell provides impact protection and stability

  • Recessed protector allows for hooks while keeping out moisture, snow, dirt and other contaminants

  • Positive lock on the thread flanks to reduce the risk of protectors backing off during handling


  • Protects full thread length

  • Heavy-duty steel inner liner and plastic bumper provide impact protection and stability

  • Highly durable, protectors can be reconditioned and reused several times