Spin Cat Wash Tool render

Spin Cat Wash Tool

The Spincat family of tools provides a simple, self-rotating high-pressure jetting action for downhole tubulars.

Product summary

Maximised jet power is delivered to the tubing walls by rotational speed controlled by the viscous fluid governor. By using only a few rotating jets, this results in hard-hitting power.

The replaceable jets are highly efficient, cleaning recesses and irregular surfaces without damaging tubing in the well. The tools can be used at temperatures up to 200°C, and with up to thirty per cent HCL and Nitrogen injection.

Because of the high-efficiency nozzle design and the unique seven-step manufacturing process, the attack tips are the best quality and longest lasting tip we are aware of. The flow straightener corrects power-robbing turbulence, ensuring excellent jetting results. Tests have shown that the attack tips can outlast even tungsten carbide jets.


  • Simple self-rotating high-pressure jetting action for downhole tubular cleaning

  • Nozzle sizes from 0.090-inches – 0.155-inches available

  • Temperatures up to 200°C

  • Up to thirty per cent HCL and Nitrogen injection

  • Self-rotating assembly

  • Compatible with acids and other corrosive fluids


  • High-pressure fully utilising pump power

  • Long-lasting attack tips that can outlast tungsten carbide jets