Mechanical Tubing End Locator render

Mechanical Tubing End Locator

Location of nipple profiles and/or the end of the production tubing, for depth correlation

Product summary

The Mechanical Tubing End Locator is a device used for location of nipple profiles and/or the end of the production tubing, for depth correlation. The design incorporates an emergency shear mechanism.

The Tubing End Locator disc spring mechanism, which supports the dogs in the open position, can be repeatedly functioned as chosen. The quantity of disc springs installed can be varied to give the desired indication loads for a particular application. If, for some reason, the dogs become jammed as a result of debris ingress, the emergency shear feature can be activated by upward jarring. This function produces enough movement to un-support the dogs, enabling tool retrieval.

A variety of dogs can be supplied to suit profiles or tubing innerdiameters. Additionally, the pull through/push through load can be adjusted to suit specific applications.


  • Device is used to help locate nipple profiles

  • Used at the end of production tubing for depth correlation

  • Adjustable push/pull loads to suit most nipple profiles

  • Emergency shear release facility

  • Large through bore


  • Field redressable

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