Bi-Directional Shifting Tool render

Bi-Directional Shifting Tool

The Bi-Directional Shifting Tool is a device used to selectively open or close sliding sleeves.

Product summary

The tool can be fitted with bi-directional dogs, allowing the operator to shift the sleeve in either direction, in a single run.

Alternatively, the standard uni-directional dogs can be fitted and easily rotated within the chassis to either open or close the sliding sleeve.

The Shifting Tool is run with the shifting dogs in the retracted position, and once at the required depth, fluid flow through the tool causes the retainer sleeves to move, allowing each independent dog to activate. The dog profile can then engage the sliding sleeve profile, shift the sleeve and automatically disengage from it. Stopping the flow allows the springs to return the retainer sleeves and retract the dogs back into the closed position.

The Shifting Tool is available to suit all brands and sizes of sliding sleeves and can also be supplied with either positive or selective dogs. As a result of the 360-degree dog coverage, the design provides superior contact compared to similar tools.

Additionally, each chassis can be assembled to cover a range of profile sizes.


  • Available to suit all standard type ‘B’ shifting profiles

  • Device used to selectively open and close sliding sleeves

  • Flow activated

  • One chassis suits a range of profiles

  • Maximum bearing contact area

  • Fully independent dogs


  • Dual-action for opening or closing sliding sleeves

  • Field redressable

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