Wireline Grab rendering

Wireline Grabs

Retrieves broken wires during fishing operations

Product summary

The Hunting Wire Grab is designed to retrieve a broken wire during fishing operations

This happens usually after a Split Skirt Wire Finder has been deployed to locate and ball the upper end of the wire in the well bore or in conjunction with the Wire Finder to ball and engage the wire.

The wire grab consists of a top sub complete with fishing neck and a body with two or three bendable prongs. Each prong has several pointed barbs welded on the inner side to catch and retrieve the wire.

The design allows the operator to adjust the prong ends to suit the tubing ID helping prevent the wire grab from bypassing the broken line.

The Wire Grab is deployed into the well attached to a fishing tool string and pulling tool.

When ordering, please provide the following relevant information to ensure correct grab is supplied.

1. Number of prongs required. 2. Tubing - minimum I.D. 3. Connection type.

Hunting Wire Grabs are available in all common industry tool string sizes and are manufactured with either rope socket or sucker rod connections as per customer requirements


  • Bendable prongs

  • 2, 3, or 4 Prong Grabs available

  • Different size Grabs available to best fit the requirement


  • Prongs can be adjusted to enhance a successful wire catch.

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