Alligator Grab rendering

Alligator Grab

Engages and retrieves miscellaneous loose objects from the well

Product summary

The Hunting Alligator Grab is a special fishing tool which has been designed to engage and retrieve miscellaneous loose objects from the well.

The alligator grab consists of the top sub, mandrel, spring with adjustment ring, and a main body complete with scissors movement and jaws.

By adjusting the spring tension prior to deployment, the operator can predetermine the amount of jaw pressure on the tool.

The alligator grab tool is not designed to endure heavy jarring operations once engaged onto the fish.

Hunting Alligator Grabs are available in all common industry tool string sizes and are manufactured with either rope socket, sucker rod or integral quick connections as per customer requirements


  • Adjustable spring tension.


  • Jaw pressure can be adjusted.