Person from behind wearing Hunting jacket working in a workshop


The Well Intervention Rental and Service Division supports customers’ well service requirements with both long and short term rentals.

Product summary

With facilities in locations worldwide and an extensive range of products ranging from toolstrings to complete pressure control packages, Hunting is ideally suited to meet your rental needs.

We have manufacturing, sales and distribution centres strategically located in all major oil and gas regions of activity. Hunting is able to offer pressure control equipment from stock to support client activity.

With a proactive approach to the ever increasing market demand for well engineered solutions for on and offshore operations, Hunting does not merely provide tools for sale but also on a rental basis offering design, build, testing and maintenance capabilities.

What we offer

  • In-house Specialist Engineers

  • Purpose Built Facilities

  • Highly Experienced Technichians

  • Various Recertification, including Annual and Major

  • Pressure Testing

  • Flying Squad

  • Water Blasting

  • Painting Services

  • Portable Pressure Test Container

Waterblasting and Painting Services

Hunting’s wash bays use recycled water and ensures that all equipment is paint and rust free prior to painting. This method also offers a significant time saving over the more traditional method of buffing. Equipment is painted to the customer specification and is returned to the customer in ‘as new’ condition.

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