PCH Stripper rendering with sectioned view

PCH Stripper Type - 2

Seals around greaseless wireline using hydraulic pressure

Product summary

The Hunting Pressure Control Head (PCH) Stripper is designed to seal around greaseless wireline using hydraulic pressure.

This prevents well fluids and /or gases within the lubricator from polluting the well site as the wireline is run in and out of the well bore.

The Type 2 PCH is available for working pressures up to 12,500 psi, with an extensive and proven field history compatible with any brand of greaseless cable.

There is a grease injection port between the pack offs to initially lubricate the dry line during run in hole, but also reducing friction and enhancing the life of the elements. An additional injection port has also been included to the top funnel to lubricate the line before entering the PCH.

A PCH Stripper has a dual configuration and a rated working pressure of 12,500 PSI. Connections used to attach the PCH Stripper to the lubricator are most commonly of the self-aligning quick union type. Other customer specified connections are available on request.

All PCH Strippers incorporate a safety check valve, should the line break and be pulled out of the PCH Stripper Packing. In this event, as the well pressure tries to escape through the hole left in the Check Valve Housing, it will force the safety check valve ball bearing up, to seal off the hole.


  • Available in 10,000 psi and 12,500 psi versions

  • Slim body, no external springs, compared

  • Lubrication injection and check valve assembly

  • Simple to install

  • Sealing elements are same for all versions of PCH

  • Line components can be removed and elements changed while cable is threaded through the assembly without the need of a full strip down

  • Ported for inject/vet valve capability (adiabatic heating operations)


  • Reduces the weight and operational risks associated with manual handling

  • Ease of installation saves valuable operation time

  • Efficient servicing when changing the elements