Ezi-Control Unit

The system centralizes and streamlines deployment and control of a modern pressure control rig-up.

Product summary

The Hunting Ezi-Control Unit (Grease, Hydraulic and Ezi-Latch) is designed to function the full suite of Pressure Control Equipment (PCE) at a typical North American well site. Using the same philosophy as other products in our ‘Ezi’ range, the Ezi-Control Unit control unit is simple, robust, and cost effective. It effectively streamlines the well site operation, while making rig-up/rig-down vastly more efficient with the twin hose reel system.


  • Ability to function and control: • Pressure Control Head (PCH) - Type-2 or Type-3 • Tool Trap (Dual and single action hydraulics) and Ezi-close triple WLV • Ezi-Latch remote wellhead connector (with Insitu/Quick Test function)

  • Comes with 2 hose reel banks: • Bank 1: 260ft hose lengths to function the hydraulics and grease to the PCH, lube lines and vent line. • Bank 2: 200ft hose lengths to function hydraulics and test lines for Tool Trap, WLV and Ezi-Latch

  • Designed to control PCE up to working pressures up to 15,000 PSI

  • Hydraulic pressure is designed to function at 2700 PSI provided from integral pumps and accumulators.

  • Easy deployment of hoses with the use of a hydraulic rotary pump

  • Compact footprint, full system consisting of 3 units all complete with forklift pockets to move around rig site


  • Centralizes the pressure control, streamlines rig-up, operations, and rig down

  • Reduces personnel numbers at the well site

  • Improves safety with less tripping hazards

  • Reduces damage to costly hoses and potential of operational downtime

  • Back-up handpumps and accumulators built in for redundancy

  • Maintenance and service friendly

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