Coiled Tubing Stripper render

Coiled Tubing Stripper

Seals around coiled tubing as it is stripped in and out of the well bore

Product summary

The Hunting Single or Dual Coiled Tubing Stripper is designed to seal around coiled tubing as it is stripped in and out of the well bore at max working pressures of 15,000 psi and temperatures between -29C to +121C.

The piston(s) double as a sleeve that can be hydraulically actuated to expose the split packaging and anti-extrusion rings, enabling redress with coiled tubing in the well.

The Hunting stripper hs removable guide sleeves available in a range of lengths to minimise the distance to the injector chains, reducing the chance of the coiled tubing buckling which can also be replaced when coiled tubing is present in the well.

The Hunting Coiled Tubing stripper has two safety doors that can be simply locked in position when closed. In the event where hydraulics fails, the doors will prevent the piston from retracting from the locked position until hydraulic control is regained.


  • Slide door access

  • Compact

  • Accepts industry standard packer rubbers


  • Packer rubbers can be changed out with CT in the wellbore

  • Ease of use

  • Minimise stock of stripper rubber

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