Cleanline Grease Injection Control Head - DLW (Dual Line Wiper)

Hunting grease injection control heads are designed to contain well pressure whilst running braided line or electric line cable operations.

Product summary

Grease injection control heads are made up of two main assemblies; the Pack off / Linewiper assembly and the flow tube assembly.

The pack off assembly provides sealing capability when the wireline is stationary.

The line wiper is energised to clean the cable when pulling out of the well. The Hunting Cleanline system incorporates integral line wipers with a protective check valve between the Linewiper assemblies, eliminating the requirement for a separate second drain hose for the line wiper.

The flow tube assembly is made up of a number of close tolerance flow tubes that are sized to the diameter of the wireline / cable being used. Grease is then pumped into the annular void between the flow tube and the cable creating a pressure drop across each flowtube.

The number of flow tubes required is dependent on expected well pressures and well fluids.

An additional flowtube injection assembly can be added to provide more grease volume

An inline Vent Valve can be installed below the bottom flowtube. Its use reduces the risk of adiabatic heating cable damage during wellsite pressure testing.