Person operating remote service equipment

Flying Squad

Introducing Hunting’s Flying Squad - a dedicated service team which delivers on location recertification and equipment servicing solutions.

Product summary

Your equipment is critical to well operations, therefore ensuring it is tested and inspected in-line with industry standards is a constant challenge for equipment owners.

Hunting provides a complete managed solution offering on location recertification service for well intervention equipment, allowing you to maximise operations, minimise logistics and lower costs. Irrespective of the scope of recertification or service required, Hunting can provide a fully flexible solution to meet the customer’s requirements.

Worldwide service

Working within existing customer facilities or from a fully equipped and serviced portable pressure test container/workshop, our highly skilled and experienced technicians can be mobilised at short notice to locations worldwide.

Prior to mobilisation of the FLYING SQUAD, our technicians will evaluate the exact requirements and all necessary spare parts, redress kits, hand tools and inspection equipment will be sent to the customer location. This ensures that the FLYING SQUAD can begin performing duties as soon as they arrive on location, resulting in cost savings to the customer.

Person operating servicing machine

Certification services

Both Annual and Major certification can be provided to the customer by means of sending the test data to our in-house third party Certifying Authority, or alternatively by arrangement with a local Certifying Authority.

An additional service that the FLYING SQUAD can provide is specialised equipment maintenance and familiarisation training on Hunting PCE. This training can be conducted within the country the customers equipment is held in or alternatively it can be conducted within a local Hunting facility.