Metal box with control elements on top

Portable Pressure Testing Units

Offering a safe, convenient tool for pressure testing Pressure Control Equipment

Product summary

Hunting Portable Pressure Test Units are designed to offer a safe, convenient tool for pressure testing Pressure Control Equipment, wherever and whenever this needs to be done.


  • Available in 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi and 22,500 psi applications, the Portable Pressure Test units are used to carry out pressure testing operations on PCE components or similar equipment


  • Contains two high quality air driven pumps, one being a low pressure /high volume pump and the other being a high pressure/low volume pump

  • One pump is required to fill up the component whilst the other takes the unit up to the required pressure

  • Design allows the system this transition to happen automatically

  • Safe and convenient tool for pressure testing in any location

  • Control panel includes a system pressure gauge, shut off valve and necessary air controls that regulate the pump

  • Manufactured using stainless steel


  • Manufactured using stainless steel making it reliable and long lasting