Metal box with control elements on top

PHC Units for PCE SSV and SSSV

Compact, rugged, effective and economical control units to support slickline operations

Product summary

Hunting designs and manufactures Portable Hydraulic Control Units that offer the ability to operate more than just BOP’s.

Our standard units support slickline operations, with a Dual BOP and Stuffing Box, along with a Surface Safety Valve (SSV) and a Sub-Surface Safety Valve (SSSV). These units are compact, rugged, effective and economical.


  • Configured to operate Dual Ram Wireline Valves, Stuffing Box, Sub Surface Safety Valves and Surface Safety Valves.

  • Hand pump operation for the Stuffing Box system


  • Manufactured from fully welded stainless steel

  • Certified lifting points on each corner

  • Engraved and colour coded control panel

  • Includes an accumulator for rapid closure during an emergency

  • Snaptite quick disconnects configurations

  • Various lengths and types of hoses available to suit all unit types


  • Units are compact, reliable and long lastingRapid response in emergency situations