Metal container with control elements on top

PHC for Wireline Valves

An economical alternative to using Hydraulic Hand Pumps

Product summary

The Hunting Portable Hydraulic Control Unit is an economical alternative to using Hydraulic Hand Pumps. These air driven units are available for controlling dual or triple BOPs.


  • Used to Hydraulically control and operate Dual or Triple Wireline Valves

  • Can be fitted with an Accumulator to allow rapid closure of the Wireline Valve


  • Economical alternative to using a hydraulic hand pump

  • Air driven

  • Manufactured using stainless steel meaning it requires minimum maintenance

  • Compact frame

  • Unit comes already assembled making it ready to use

  • Engraved and colour coded control panel


  • Economical

  • Use of stainless steel ensures they are reliable, best performance and long lasting

  • Compact frame meaning it is easy to store and transport

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