Dual Pilot Valve isolated on white background

Specialty Valves

Hunting’s Dual Pilot Valve, specifically designed for use in Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS).

Product summary

The DPV controls both the open and closing side of the BOP, while eliminating numerous valves from the operation.

The valve routes input from a single hydraulic supply to either of two function circuits, depending on pilot signal.

The other function circuit is routed to vent. In an IWOCS, these two function circuits open and close the BOP.


  • 4-way, 2-position directional-control valve, which can also be configured as a 3-way, 2-position directional-control valve

  • Dual pilot circuits for redundancy

  • 7,500-psi working pressure supply and function circuits; 6,000-psi pilot circuits

  • Manufactured from high-strength stainless steels

  • Sliding metal seals

  • Extensively tested in-house to ensure more than 10,000 leak-free cycles

  • Qualification report available on request

  • Available standard with JIC-12 (f) supply and function connections and JIC-6 (f) pilot connections. Other end connections are available upon request.


  • Resists dirty fluid

  • Long, leak-free operation

  • Low interflow

  • Reduces number of SPM valves and regulators

  • Provides redundancy to offset potential pilot signal failure

  • One DPV can eliminate all shuttle valves from the BOP circuit