Image of Hunting's hydraulic metal seal couplings

Metal Seal Couplings

Hunting’s Subsea Technologies Division is the world-wide leader in the subsea oil and gas industry for hydraulic coupling technology, performance and installed base.

Product summary

We have supplied over 1 million hydraulic couplings to subsea projects, and we offer more than 3,500 different male and female coupling designs for subsea applications.

The packaging versatility and high reliability of our hydraulic coupling product line provide significant benefits to equipment suppliers and operators alike.

Each hydraulic coupling series features unique design characteristics, allowing our products to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications. These applications vary from low-pressure, shallow water connections to the most critical component of HPHT and ultra-deepwater systems.


  • Subsea Trees

  • Tubing Hanger Penetrators

  • Production Control Systems

  • Subsea Control Modules

  • Drilling Control Systems

  • ROV Hydraulic Flying Leads

  • Chemical Injection Systems

  • Installation/Workover Control Systems

  • ROV Hot Stabs

  • Metal Seal Hydraulic Couplings

RS Series - technical drawing of a metal seal coupling

RS Series - Metal Seals

The RS-Series compact hydraulic coupling line is designed for tubing hanger penetrator and subsea ROV flying-lead connector applications where reduced size, weight, separating loads and travel distances are critical requirements.

UO Series - Metal Seals technical drawing

UO Series - Metal Seals

The UO-Series hydraulic coupling line answers market demands for a smaller, lighter and higher flow coupler for extreme working pressures in ultra deepwater.

TO Series - Metal Seals technical drawing

TO Series - Metal Seals

The TO-Series hydraulic coupling line was developed for deepwater applications, requiring the highest possible reliability, under the most severe working pressures.

image of metal seals on white background

RO Series - Metal Seals

The RO-Series hydraulic coupling line is for hot stab diver or ROV make-up applications, used for subsea trees, control pods, manifolds and chemical injection.

image of metal seals on white background

TM Series - Metals Seals

The TM-Series hydraulic coupling line is for both surface and subsea applications where manually threaded make-up connections are desired.