Long white tube with metal cap on one end and threading on the other

Logging Gamma Ray

Hunting’s Logging Gamma Ray tools, built using shock mounting and vibration protection technology, offer operators a wide range of dependable service options and flexibility.

Product summary

Logging Gamma Ray tool detectors are manufactured in-house using the highest quality scintillation crystal material, mechanical components and select Hamamatsu photomultiplier tubes, and Hunting’s patented shock protection techniques. This makes the tools ideal for cased hole or open hole logging, and preferred for identifying formation types, using depth control to correlate to open hole logs, and for radioactive mineral, tracer, gamma, temperature and pressure logging.

All tools are calibrated and environmentally tested to their specified rating prior to shipment.


  • Tool sizes from 1 in. to 3-1/8 in.

  • High working temperatures and pressures: up to 500ºF @ 20,000 psi

  • H2S-resistant housing available

  • SDS Warrior compatible

  • Legacy bond gate, temperature gate, switching and other options are available

  • Highest quality crystal and photomultiplier tubes used


  • Rugged design

  • Excellent reliability; long life; dependable service

  • Combinable with other Titan Division tools

  • Wide variety of service options including borehole temperature, pressure and other configurations

  • Cost effective

  • Optional construction with Geiger detectors