DC-MOT Tool rendering

DC-MOT Tool (Magnetic Orienting Perforating Tool)

Hunting’s DC-MOT (Magnetic Orienting Perforating Tool) positions zero phased perforating guns for control line avoidance.

Product summary

Hunting’s DC-MOT (Magnetic Orienting Perforating Tool) positions zero phased perforating guns to perforate a string of pipe without hitting the adjacent strings of pipe in the same well.

It is ideal for wells completed with multiple strings of tubing or for control line avoidance when perforating externally wired casing.


  • Operates directly from SDS Warrior Well Logging System

  • Telemetry data − 40 samples per second of allmeasured parameters

  • Borehole inclination &gravity high side of perforating gunorientation from the vertical up to 35°

  • Metal mass measurements to detect collar or other magneticanomalies in the pipe or casing

  • Continuous cable head voltage and internal tooltemperature updates


  • Tool operation easily controlled using wireline voltage settings

  • Increased magnetic directional sensitivity for better target resolution

  • Ease of operation with Hunting’s ControlFire® perforatingsystem, or similar to standard negative fire perforator

  • No need for additional external panel

  • Operates on Warrior 8

  • Increased data quality with the help of the high sideindicator and inclination along with the MOT readings

  • Total metal mass curve eliminates need to run a CCLwith the tool and helps to identify hardware on theoutside of casing as well as casing defects