PowerSet Recon Power Charge

PowerSet™ Recon

PowerSet® Recon is the only addressable power charge, complete with a built in initiation device.

Product summary

Hunting Titan’s PowerSet® Recon power charge enables the only fully addressable ‘plug and perf’ tool string.

PowerSet™ Recon features an embedded ControlFire switch and initiation device, eliminating the cost of a plug switch and igniter on every stage. This advanced technology allows top to bottom tool string interrogation providing perational confirmation both at surface and when running down hole.


  • Embedded ControlFire Recon switch enables power charge detection

  • Ability to read PowerSet resistance at surface with VeriFire or downhole via ControlFire software

  • Built in initiation device eliminates igniter

  • Optimal, consistent setting times at temperature

  • Compatible with existing setting tools

  • Short Plug Shoot Assembly with reusable contacts