HT72 Detonator (Modular, RDX)

The new HT72 Detonator from Hunting is the first and only auto-shunting, RF-Safe and wireless detonator available for select-fire perforating systems.

Product summary

The fully modular HT72 detonator is used in the new H-3 Perforating System - Hunting’s latest plug and play perforating offering with detonator resistance reading capabilities. The combination of these technologies provides unparalleled safety and real-time performance status from detonator to surface during perforating operations.

The HT72 Detonator has been 3rd party certified as an RP-67 compliant detonator that does not require an RF transmitter exclusion zone at the well site. The patented, RDX detonator is auto-shunted, allowing safe handling during arming which is accomplished by simply pushing the detonator into the compatible gun system’s receptacle.