EQUAfrac® Oriented Perforating Charges

Improved EQUAfrac® shaped charges focusing on a single phase

Product summary

Hunting's new line of EQUAfrac® OP shaped charges improves on the industry leading consistent-hole EQUAfrac® technology through rigorous design and testing with all charges in a single orientation. By focusing on a single phase, EQUAfrac® OP provides the most consistent oriented perforations in the industry.

Oriented perforating increases the likelihood that each entry hole is the same size because the perforation jets travel across the same fluid distance between gun carrier and casing.

Equal entry-hole size is important because it ensures that frac fluids are distributed more evenly among each perforation zone for optimal stimulation.

Research by leading E&P companies indicates improved fracturing results with oriented perforating, specifically when using limited-entry completion designs.

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