One tubular shaped and one flat box shaped power supply with cables coming out on one side

Downhole Power Supplies / High-Voltage HVR/HVC Series

Hunting Electronics is committed to the ongoing research and development of manufacturing technologies and processes required for high temperature electronics.

Product summary

As the packaging for electronic components evolves, we continue to develop new processes that are compatible with the latest component technologies and are inherently reliable when exposed to high temperature.

With unparalleled reliability, Hunting Electronic's line of HVR & HVC high-voltage power supplies have become the industry standard for scintillation detectors used in the oilfield services industry.

If you have an application that requires high voltage, in extreme conditions, in a very small package, the HVR/HVC Series of high voltage power supplies should be your choice. The HVC/HVR Series of high voltage power supplies were designed for use in instrumentation that must operate in harsh environments.

They provide a regulated source of high voltage and are capable of operating under conditions of high shock, vibration, and temperature. These supplies provide output voltages from 500 to 2500 VDC at operating currentsup to 150 μA. The output voltage is variable and can be adjusted using either an external trim resistor or control voltage. They provide a stable output voltage across the entire operating temperature range.


  • Photo multiplier Tubes

  • Geiger Tubes

  • Proportional Counters


  • Up to 200C Operating Temp

  • 500 to 2500 VDC Output

  • Voltage or Resistor Controlled

  • Compact Design

  • Shielded and Encapsulated

  • Bipolar or Single Ended Input


  • Custom built applications