Unveiling the Innovators: A Conversation with Jason Mai

Managing Director, Titan Perforating, Energetics, and Logging Division

Jason Mai

In the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry, innovation stands as a beacon, guiding companies through challenges and fostering growth. At the forefront of this innovative journey is Jason Mai, the Managing Director of Titan Perforating and Instrumentation Division. He is a seasoned professional bringing a wealth of expertise and insights into the world of perforating technologies, shedding light on Hunting Titan's core business activities, international trends, and its strategic approach to growth.

As the Managing Director of Titan Perforating and Instrumentation Division, Jason Mai is a driving force behind the development of cutting-edge solutions. With a passion for technology and a keen eye for market dynamics, Jason leads the charge in ensuring that Titan remains at the forefront of the perforating arena. His role involves navigating the complexities of the completion space, where conventional and unconventional methods converge. Jason's perspective on the role of technology in enhancing efficiency and safety provides a glimpse into the forward-thinking strategies that define Titan's approach. Jason's insights into the company's growth strategies, globally and especially in North America, showcase a commitment to resilience and adaptability.

In this interview, we explore how Hunting Titan navigates challenges, embraces innovation, and positions itself as a formidable player in the global energy sector. From international sales trends to the unveiling of the groundbreaking H4 Perforating System, the conversation promises to be a deep dive into the strategies and technologies shaping the future of Hunting Titan. Join us as we uncover the stories, strategies, and innovations that propel the company forward.

Managing Director, Titan Division

Interview with Jason Mai


Christopher Williams (Hunting PLC, Marketing): Thank you for joining us today. To begin, could you provide a comprehensive overview of Hunting Titan's core business activities?

Jason Mai (Managing Director Titan Perforating and Instrumentation Division): Certainly. At Hunting Titan, we are extensively involved in the perforating arena, not only on the hardware side but also in instrumentation. We have a significant presence in the logging side as well, although I didn't have the chance to delve into that during the presentation. Overall, the Titan brand is quite extensive, capable of supplying almost anything needed in the industry. Technology plays a crucial role, and as it evolves, our portfolio adapts to keep pace with the changes.

Christopher Williams: It's noted that there are positive trends in international sales. What's driving this, and what does it mean for your business?

Jason Mai: The international trend is likely to continue due to historical underinvestment. Both commercial and non-commercial offshore work, as well as some land work, contribute to this. As the world focuses on securing energy, increased investment on the international side becomes necessary.

Christopher Williams: How does Hunting Titan perceive its growth in North America, especially in the completion space?

Jason Mai: In North America, our involvement in the completion space tends to occur about two-thirds of the way towards the end of the well life cycle. We're always present, whether in conventional or unconventional methods. Our leading role in developing technologies for unconventional methods positions us well for the future.

I'd like to emphasize the role of technology in our growth. Different tiers of technology and competitors exist, and over time, operators and wireline companies value efficiency and safety. Our control fire technology is a prime example. While it took time to be adopted due to higher costs, its value is now recognized both in North America and internationally.

Christopher Williams: With a significant decrease in drilling operations in the US over the past year, how is Hunting Titan navigating this challenge?

Jason Mai: Although rig counts have dropped, there's a noticeable shift in the type of activity. There are more efficiency gains in drilling, but overall activity has decreased. However, we, as Titan within Hunting, leverage our portfolio to boost international sales, helping offset the slowdown in the US. The indications are that activity should stabilize and ramp up in the coming years.

Christopher Williams: Can you share key features and benefits of the new H4 Perforating System?

Jason Mai: The H4 Perforating System, integrated with Hunting's control fire Recon switch, offers consistent benefits across different systems. The Perf Plus panel allows us to interrogate the entire string simultaneously. While H3 and H4 serve different purposes, they share a common platform, providing room for future advancements.

Christopher Williams: How does Hunting Titan prioritize innovation to fuel its success?

Jason Mai: Innovation is highly valued within our budget, and we don't cut back on technology. Even during downturns, such as the COVID period, we continue to innovate. Our commitment to sustaining an innovation philosophy is evident in our budget allocation and dedicated programs for innovation. The aim is not only to benefit the company but also to provide solutions that enhance efficiency and safety for our customers.

An excellent example is our Perf Plus, which serves as both an automated shooting system and a data logger. As equipment in the field becomes more streamlined, our commitment to innovation contributes to the efficiency of our equipment. We will continue on this path, improving and introducing new technologies, such as a potential H5 in the future.