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Proprietary Connection OCTG Casing & Tubing

Bespoke Hunting technology solutions supporting geothermal projects around the world.

  • Titanium Grade 29 Production Casing threaded with Hunting’s SEAL-LOCK FLUSH premium connections supplied to a major Geothermal operator in California for extremely corrosive and high temperature geothermal wells.
  • 22CrDuplex grade production strings of various sizes threaded with Hunting SEAL-LOCK premium threaded and coupled connections for highly corrosive and high temperature geothermal wells in the Philippines
  • API L80 grade Production casing threaded with Hunting’s ISO/PAS 12835:2013 TWCCEP qualified SEAL-LOCK XD connection, supplied to a major Geothermal operator in New Zealand
  • Hunting has supplied multiple strings of 18 5/8” K55 surface casing threaded with our high compression rated easy make-up SEAL-LOCK BOSS connection to various high enthalpy Geothermal projects in Iceland.
  • Hunting has supplied 13 3/8” L80 casing threaded with our proprietary TEK-LOCK BTC-S connection to a major geothermal operator in New Zealand. Hunting’s TEK-LOCK BTC-S ensures higher compression rating and sealing integrity than standard API BTC connections.
  • Hunting continues to develop new innovative OCTG solutions to Geothermal operators including GRE lined L80 casing threaded with SEAL-LOCK connections for new and work-overs wells. This bespoke and cost effective OCTG connection solution delivers increased corrosion resistance, longer life and increased flow rate solutions to Geothermal operators in Europe

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