Driving Innovation in a Dynamic Market with Our Advanced Connection Technology and OCTG Solutions

Elevate Your Operations with Industry-Leading Connection Solutions

Leading with Cutting-Edge Technology: Hunting's Superior Tubing and Casing Connections

Hunting has established itself as a market leader through a history of delivering innovation and driving demand with leading-edge technology. Our high-performance tubing and casing connections are designed to excel in the most demanding applications, from extended-reach onshore shale to the most challenging deep-water offshore environments. This commitment to excellence ensures unrivaled service, quality, and supply chain flexibility.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Well Integrity and Efficiency: Hunting's Advanced Connection Technologies

Our connection technology product line: TEC-LOCK, WEDGE-LOCK, and SEAL-LOCK—has a well-established history of delivering performance and innovation to an ever-changing market. Each product family offers unique benefits tailored to specific operational needs, enhancing well integrity and ensuring operational efficiency.

TEC-LOCK: Renowned for onshore semi-premium connection technology, we leverage innovative design to deliver unmatched performance as a cost-effective alternative to traditional premium connections.

WEDGE-LOCK: The leader in cutting-edge connection technology, engineered to meet the most critical high-pressure and high-temperature well design requirements, delivering unmatched performance in extreme conditions.

SEAL-LOCK: The cornerstone of Hunting’s premium connection technology offering, SEAL-LOCK products have been widely utilized for decades in the most extreme applications around the world and continue to set the bar with new advancements to address the industry’s latest requirements and challenges.

Strategic Alliances and Market Reach

Hunting's Connection Technology offering is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional flexibility in Oil Country Tubular Goods sourcing without compromising performance or quality. This advantage is bolstered through strategic alliances with key mills and distribution partners, amplifying our combined value proposition and enabling commercial flexibility tailored to client requirements. These partnerships also significantly enhance our market reach, ensuring our innovative solutions are available globally.

Ensuring Excellence: Hunting's Robust Product Testing Protocol

We pride ourselves on having the most extensive product testing program of any independent connection technology provider. Utilizing an advanced internal R&D test laboratory, we perform full-scale product validation and testing to the most modern and stringent industry standards for connection qualification. This commitment to thorough testing is crucial in an industry where many competitors offer unproven connection solutions. By ensuring our products meet the most rigorous standards, we demonstrate the performance, reliability, and quality that distinguish us from all competitors.

Maximize Efficiency with Hunting's Cutting-Edge Connection Technology & OCTG Solutions

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