Control fire rendering

ControlFire® Sets Completions Record

ControlFire Helps Set U.S. Pumpdown Record in the Permian Basin


Service companies are seeking operational efficiency for perforations and completions. Addressable switches have become the most common type of switch due to their skip-over firing capability, reliability, and safety. This improves efficiency and creates cost savings by eliminating Non-Productive Time (NPT) associated with troubleshooting misruns.


The ControlFire® System is the most widely used surface-safe, addressable select-fire switch in the market. It is safe from stray voltage, electrostatic discharge and radio frequencies, while also allowing perforating guns to be fired individually from bottom to top via addressable software, without relying on the previous detonation to fire the next gun. This provides skip-over capabilities in the event of a misfired gun. The ControlFire® Switch has been run over 5 million times, with a success rate of 99.999%.

On-site Performance

A major land-based service company’s crews set new national proppant pump record using Hunting’s ControlFire® technology in the Permian Basin. In one month, they were able to run an average of 22.8 stages per day— with a total of 10,802 ControlFire switches in perforating guns and 684 switches in setting tools— and experienced zero lost time during all 684 stages. The customer completed the well two weeks ahead of schedule.

The local site supervisor noted that “ControlFire played a big part in that, due to the fact that we didn’t experience any misruns and maintained “low Non-Productive Time.”

Well summary

  • Zero lost time for 684 stages
  • At an average rate of 22.8 stages per day
  • Ran 11,486 ControlFire switches for guns and setting tools
  • Their perforating speed and efficiency with ControlFire contributed to setting a U.S. pump-down record
  • Customer completed this well two weeks ahead of schedule


The ControlFire system is the industry standard for a safe and reliable addressable switch while increasing perforating efficiencies and reducing NPT. The system has evolved in both product offering and functionality to provide the leading RF-safe, select-fire platform for perforating applications around the globe. Recent additions include advanced switch and cartridge technology, upgraded software, and faster communication protocols.