Canadian E-Coil Perforating Record

Customer Objective

Titanium Tubing Technology Ltd. was tasked to find an electronic selective firing system that would allow them to efficiently deploy multiple perforating guns on coiled tubing in a single trip to reduce cost.

Select Fire Perforating Technology

After review of all companies that offer this technology, the decision was made to utilize Hunting’s RF-Safe Control Fire Assembly perforating system for this well. The system utilizes the latest in electronic switch technology to create a reliable perforating system completely safe from RF, ESD, stray voltage and line voltage up to 500 VDC. Each Control Fire switch provides real-time confirmation along with skip-over capabilities throughout the operation.

ControlFire Features

  • Automation Capabilities

  • Operational confirmation

  • Capable of deploying 100+ guns in a single run

  • Increased reliability and efficiency over mechanical pressure switches

  • Real-time shot verification along with a voltage/current plot

  • Immune to 500 VDC


Titanium Tubing Technology Ltd. set the Canadian e-coil perforating record by successfully initiating 52 ControlFire perforating guns in a single run.

Hunting’s Control Fire perforating system enabled Titanium Tubing Technology Ltd. to reduce cost by efficiently doing in one run what would have taken two or three additional runs using a competitor’s system. Hunting’s Titan division continues to be the leader in the select fire market for both mechanical and electronic switch technology.