A Global Tour – Worldwide 150 Year Celebrations

As we reflect on our remarkable 150-year celebration, it's an ideal time to embark on a global tour and shine a spotlight on how our facilities across the world have embraced this significant milestone.

Each location, enriched by its distinct culture and traditions, marked the occasion in a way that not only paid homage to our rich history but also embodied the shared spirit and values of our organization.

To celebrate our 150th anniversary in North America, we planned a variety of luncheons, ranging from cookouts and potlucks to catered meals. The celebrations were highlighted by activities and speeches that paid tribute to our company's long history, underscoring the importance of this milestone. This series of events provided a moment for our team to reflect on past successes while also rallying together with a renewed focus on future ambitions.

In the UK, a special lunch brought together our team from Fordoun and Portlethen while London hosted an event at the National Portrait Gallery, a nod to the Hunting Art Prize that annually awarded artists for 35 years. Meanwhile, our facilities in Dubai and The Netherlands paid homage to our maritime heritage with traditional boat trips – one circling the Jumeirah Beach area and another venturing from the Dutch facility into Amsterdam and back.

In Singapore, our celebration was particularly vibrant, as employees raised their glasses in a spirited "Yam Seng" toast, symbolizing wishes for ongoing prosperity in this timeless tradition. This lively atmosphere was complemented by interactive activities such as a Kahoot game delving into Hunting's illustrious past, as well as the engaging Malay game of Batu Seremban. Meanwhile, across the Asia Pacific region, festivities continued with a symbolic balloon release in Batam, while in Wuxi, employees came together to form the iconic figures "1874" and "We are Hunting" in a meticulously organized formation—a visual homage to our founding year and enduring corporate identity.

These celebrations, showcasing cultural diversity and a shared spirit, highlight the solid foundations of the group. Looking ahead, these events not only allow us to reflect on our history but also act as a guide for the future, steering us toward sustained excellence and innovation. Here's to another 150 years of success, community, and notable achievements.