Half year results

Hunting PLC (LSE:HTG), the international energy services group, today announces its results for the six months to 30 June 2022.

Hunting PLC (LSE:HTG), the international energy services group, today announces its results for the six months to 30 June 2022.

Financial Summary*

  • Revenue $336.1m (H2 2021 – $277.2m; H1 2021 – $244.4m)
  • Gross profit $75.8m (H2 2021 – $20.9m; H1 2021 – $44.0m)
  • Profit from operations $1.7m (H2 2021 – $53.2m loss; H1 2021 – $26.5m loss)
  • Diluted loss per share 2.4 cents (H2 2021 – 34.3 cents LPS; H1 2021 – 18.9 cents LPS)
  • EBITDA $20.6m (H2 2021 – $6.7m; H1 2021 – $3.6m loss) **
  • Adjusting items totalling $nil (H2 2021 – $41.1m; H1 2021 – $3.5m)
  • Adjusted gross profit $75.8m (H2 2021 – $56.5m; H1 2021 – $44.1m)
  • Adjusted profit from operations $1.7m (H2 2021 – $12.1m loss; H1 2021 – $23.0m loss)
  • Adjusted diluted LPS per share 2.4 cents (H2 2021 – 11.0 cents LPS; H1 2021 – 16.1 cents LPS)
  • Total cash and bank of $85.6m (31 December 2021 – $114.2m)***
  • Net assets per share 517.4 cents (31 December 2021 – 528.4 cents)
  • Interim dividend declared for H1 2022 of 4.5 cents per share (H1 2021 – 4.0 cents)

*- Adjusted results are non-GAAP measures and reflect adjusting items determined by management. Please refer to pages 35 to 39 of the Half Year 2022 report for further information. **-EBITDA is a non-GAAP measure. Please refer to page 36 of the Half Year 2022 report for further information. *** - Total cash and bank is a non-GAAP measure. Please refer to page 38 of the Half Year 2022 report for further information.

Commenting on the results and outlook, Jim Johnson, Chief Executive, said:

“The Group’s results demonstrate a strong improvement in revenue and earnings in the period, leading to Hunting returning to monthly pre-tax profitability during the second quarter. The second half of the year is expected to see further improvement in earnings, which is supported by our forward sales order book, which now exceeds the position seen in 2019, providing a positive outlook for the remainder of the year and into 2023.

“Hunting Titan is likely to see further improvements to its trading results, supported by the increased drilling in North America, in addition to its growing international profile. The Group’s North America operating segment has seen a strong increase in forward orders across all of its product lines, in particular the Premium Connection, Accessories Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing and Subsea businesses. The EMEA and Asia Pacific regions are also seeing further progress, as international drilling activity increases.

“Despite recessionary fears, the energy industry is likely to remain on a firm footing given the macroeconomic and geopolitical movements reported in the period. Energy security planning will likely support industry growth for western economies into 2023, with the Company well placed to benefit from this outlook.”

Strategic Highlights:

The Group has delivered on a number of strategic objectives during 2022:

  • Contract awarded by ExxonMobil for Titanium Stress Joints on Yellowtail Development in Guyana  in Q1 2022, Hunting was awarded a contract to supply titanium stress joints (“TSJs”) to the ExxonMobil Yellowtail development in Guyana. The TSJs will be used in a new application on the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (“FPSO”) facility planned for the project. This opportunity opens up new revenue channels for the Group, as Hunting’s TSJs are now applicable to most FPSO operations globally.
  • Contract awarded by CNOOC for Premium Connections and OCTG – in August 2022, the Group’s Asia Pacific operating segment was awarded a contract for OCTG that management estimates to be worth up to $86m for Hunting’s proprietary SEAL-LOCK XD™ premium connections and associated OCTG for an offshore project in China. The order is the largest OCTG and Premium Connections order win in the Group’s recent history and provides further visibility to revenue and earnings into 2023.
  • Strong Development of Non-oil and Gas Order Book within the Advanced Manufacturing Group – the Dearborn and Electronics businesses have both successfully increased their respective order books in the period, which includes significant non-oil and gas work and strong progress in the power generation, aviation, defence and space sectors. In particular, the Dearborn business now has a forward sales order book of $81m which comprises c.80% of non-oil and gas sales and which extends into 2024.
  • Commenced Construction of a Premium Connection Threading Facility in India – during the period, the Group has formally incorporated a joint venture company in India, with its partner Jindal SAW. Construction of the new premium connection threading facility has commenced in Nashik province, with the commissioning date remaining on track for Q1 2023.
  • Successful Transition of New OCTG Business Model in the UK and Netherlands  in December 2021, the Group successfully concluded the restructuring of its European OCTG business. During H1 2022, the Group implemented a new manufacturing and service business model, which has led to improved financial performance for the business.
  • Further commercialisation of New Perforating and Completion Products within Hunting Titan – in H1 2022, Hunting Titan has fully commercialised the H-3 perforating system and migrated clients to this new, more efficient well completion system. The operating segment has launched a new shooting panel used in completion procedures and expanded production of its detonation cord manufacturing capabilities. In support of US domestic demand, Hunting Titan is also investing in new perforating system capacity at its facility in Mexico and has fully re-activated the Oklahoma City manufacturing facility in the period.
  • $150m Asset Based Lending Facility – on 7 February 2022, the Group agreed a $150m Asset Based Lending (“ABL”) facility to replace its $160m Revolving Credit Facility. The ABL is secured against certain US trade receivables, inventory and freehold properties. During the period and at 30 June 2022, the ABL was undrawn, given the total cash and bank position reported by the Group.
  • Consolidation of Singapore Facilities – during the period, the Group’s Asia Pacific operating segment completed the relocation of its facilities to a new, single site in the Tuas port region of Singapore. The new facility incorporates OCTG threading, accessories manufacturing and yard services, in addition to Hunting’s well intervention operations in the region.

Financial Highlights

  • Revenue $336.1m (H2 2021 – $277.2m; H1 2021 – $244.4m). Improvement is due to a mix of higher volumes, along with some price increases on selected product lines.
  • Adjusted gross profit margin 23% (H2 2021 – 20%; H1 2021 – 18%). Increase is due to higher volumes and prices in addition to improved facility utilisation levels.
  • The Group reports EBITDA of $20.6m for the six months to 30 June 2022 compared to the EBITDA loss of $3.6m in H1 2021.
  • Total cash and bank reported at 30 June 2022 of $85.6m (31 December 2021 – $114.2m). Decline since year-end mainly due to increases in working capital, as sales order book increased.
  • Interim dividend of 4.5 cents per share declared in respect of H1 2022 (H1 2021 – 4.0 cents), absorbing cash of approximately $7.2m (H1 2021 – $6.4m), payable to shareholders on 28 October 2022, with a record date of 7 October 2022.
  • Net assets as at 30 June 2022 of $853.2m (31 December 2021 – $871.3m).

Half Year Management Report

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Financial Statements and Notes to the Accounts

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The attached documents provide complete access to the Group’s 2022 Half Year Report. The Report can also be accessed at www.huntingplc.com.

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